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Why you should recycle your mattress

Most mattresses are developed using common, non organic materials such as plastics and metals that take decades to degrade. This includes strong and harmful chemicals, creating ground and water pollution, contributing to significant amounts of toxic waste and greenhouse gases. Although most of us are aware of the effect that landfill can have on the planet, it’s often we forget, or simply do not realise just how harmful something as simple as dumping a mattress is to the planet.

Mattress materials can be used elsewhere

Woods, metals, fabrics, cotton wool, foams and plastics are all useful, versatile materials that can be used in a range of different ways to create alternative products. Just imagine how much material you could source from over 167,000 tons worth of mattresses a year!

Think twice about where you dump your mattress

Simply taking a peek at the stats of annual mattress landfill, and images of old mattresses left to (not degrade) is bound to shock you, and is enough to make you think twice about which mattress you next purchase, instantly convince you to begin recycling your unused mattresses, and leave you to wonder what on earth you have been doing to your beloved planet.

Recycling your mattress is easier than you think

A huge reason why people tend not bother recycling their mattress is because it may sound a lot more complicated than it actually is. Yeah sure, it’s one thing to put your milk cartons in the different coloured bin, let alone go out of your way to find somewhere to recycle your used mattress. However, there are both free, and paid services available to do the job for you, so you’re able to avoid stuffing your mattress in the car, or hiring a van, making your journey to saving the planet, a little more hassle free.

Fly tipping your mattress

Everybody hates fly tipping. Even people that fly tip. Not only is leaving an old mattress leaning against the local postbox dangerous, it also doesn’t look to appealing. If you’re fly tipping simply to save a few pennies, as opposed to taking it to your local dump, then you probably won’t be too pleased when your receive a hefty fine through your door!

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

Not only do cheap, easy to source, materials damage the earth when they are dumped in the ground. They also decrease the   comfort and longevity of your mattress, leaving you with no choice but to purchase more – meaning more landfill. As well as carrying the risk of sustaining harmful compounds, causing adverse effect on your health.

Luckily, with the growing recognition of the effect that dodgy mattresses and landfill is having on us as humans, and mother nature – eco friendly and biodegradable mattresses are becoming much more common, and the number of recycled mattresses will continue to increase.


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