Why is the Marley mattress different to the rest?

The Marley Mattress was created by mattress manufacturers and not businessmen so we know what’s actually required to make not only a comfortable mattress but one that lasts.

Your marketing material mentions sustainability, what do you mean?

The bottom layer of the Marley mattress is made from ‘Re-bond’ foam which is made from the ‘new foam’ offcuts that are recycled in the UK.  Also our mattress is 100% foam which is completely recyclable.

How does the 100 night trial work?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your Marley mattress and are confident that you will be. If for any reason you are not then we will collect the mattress from you completely free of charge and issue you with a full refund. The 100 nights trial starts from the day that we deliver the mattress to you.

What happens to returned mattresses?

As a company conscious about sustainability we look to ensure that an returned mattresses from our 100 night free trial go to a good home. We work with local charities and shelters in the South of England to place our mattress with those who need them. Any that are not re-homed are recycled with the foam used in industrial applications in our attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of foam manufacturing.

What bed base can the Marley mattress go on?

The Marley mattress like most memory foam mattress can go on any bed base.

Can I try one of your mattresses at a showroom or outlet?

We are an online only business and do not currently have our products for sale in any outlets however our 100 night trial means you have nothing to lose!

Can you make the Marley mattress to bespoke shapes/sizes?

Yes, this is a service that we offer. Please contact us for more options.

Does the mattress meet the UK fire regulations?

Yes it does. The Marley mattress complies with the UK furniture fire regulations.

Can I use an electric blanket with the mattress?

Yes this is not a problem however the layers in the Marley mattress are designed to keep your body at the perfect level so it may not be necessary.

How firm are your mattresses?

Using our extensive knowledge we have developed the Marley Mattress so that it’s not too hard and not too soft and are pretty certain that we’ve succeeded If you disagree then you can take advantage of our 100 night trial and return the mattress free of charge.

Is the Marley mattress hot like some other memory foam mattresses?

Traditionally memory foam mattresses are regarded as being warm however our mattress uses the latest technology to help keep you at the perfect temperature.

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