A recycled mattress, that we'll also recycle when you're done

Introducing the Marley Mattress, the revolutionary Cool Sleep Concept and 4th generation in memory foam technology. Not only is the Marley mattress technology proven to wick moisture and heat away from your body but the wider, more open cells in the top layer of memory foam increase airflow and provide total breath-ability.

This results in a cooler, sounder and more satisfying sleep. Added to which, this revolutionary new style of memory foam is more resilient and provides better support than earlier memory foam mattresses and toppers.

25% Recycled Materials

We're challenging the status quo, using 25% recycled foam in every mattress and recycling 100% of all mattresses we sell.

Highest Quality Memory Foam

Our memory foam has been developed over many years and offer the highest quality available on the market, used by more expensive competitors.

UK Manufactured, 10 years in the Making

From market leaders in the memory foam market Bodymould Mattresses, the Marley offers incredible comfort at unbeatable value.

Choose your Marley Topper or Mattress

Unrivaled Industry Reputation

We have been in the foam and mattress industry for over 10 years, becoming the UK largest mattress topper supplier, before creating the worlds first recycled mattress with guaranteed recycling when it's life cycle is over, the Marley.






Faster, better heat dissipation

Visco Airflow™ technology is proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body. The result is cooler, sounder sleep with the Marley mattress.

Thermal imaging tests comparing a hand imprint on a leading memory foam brand compared with the new Visco Airflow™ mattress show that the Visco Airflow™ foam dissipates heat over three times faster than the ordinary memory foam mattress.

Total breathability

The revolutionary wide open cells, which make up the technology top layer of the Marley mattress, work to increase airflow and prevent humidity build-up.

The result is airflow that’s proven to be 30 times greater than through the leading, premium visco elastic [memory foam] mattress, guaranteeing a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience night after night.


The Marley mattress is manufactured using Visco Airflow™ open cell technology, which also means a significant enhancement in comfort and support.
With the use of highly resilient*, high density, full depth foam, the Marley mattress not only gives a more comfortable, satisfying sleep experience but will last longer.

A Family Mattress

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