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Memory Foam Mattress | 100 Night Free Trial | 10 Year Warranty

Memory Foam Mattress

Marley Mattress


  • BETTER SLEEP: Enjoy a cooler, sounder sleep with our Visco Airflow technology that is proven to take the moisture and heat away from your body three times faster than regular memory foam.
  • FAMILY BUSINESS: We actually care about our customers. Marley is made by a family-owned business who have been working with memory foam mattresses for over 20 years.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Marley is the sustainable mattress with a conscience. Not only is 25% of our mattress made from re-purposed foam, we’ve ensured 100% sustainability by ditching the springs.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Our extensive knowledge of mattress manufacturing means that you are safe in the knowledge that your Marley mattress will last you for many years to come. This is why we offer a 10 YEAR warranty with our mattress!
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– The Marley cover is a key part of the mattress. Not only does it look and feel great but it’s designed to work in conjunction with the foam layers to keep your body at the perfect temperature.

Top layer

– This comfort layer gives you immediate comfort when you lie on the mattress. Made using 4th generation foam technology it offers 30 times greater airflow than traditional polyurethane foam and absorbs your body as you climb into bed after  a long day.

Second layer

– The memory foam layer allows your body to adopt the perfect sleeping position. This ultra-high density material will constantly conform to your sleeping position to prevent you tossing and turning and give you a better night’s sleep.

Third layer

– The support layer is just as important as the top two comfort layers as it offers the support that your body needs for a healthy sleep. It’s made using high density Reflex foam and like all the layers is extremely high quality so will last for many years to come.

Fourth layer

– The base layer, which is just 25% of the mattress, provides the height and main support for the mattress. With this in mind, we’re using a recycled bonded foam, which is manufactured using all brand new foam off cuts that are produced in the foam conversion industry. It’s in fact an extremely durable product that is widely used in the foam industry and will be seen more and more in the mattress world due to it’s sustainable properties.

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Single (90 x 190 cm), Small Double (120 x 190 cm), Double (135 x 190 cm), UK King (150 x 200 cm), Super King (180 x 200 cm)


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What is the Marley Mattress?

The Marley Mattress offers exceptional comfort with the highest quality memory foam, providing 30x better airflow than average products for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Being a family run business means even our customer care team is made up of family members who care directly about each and every customer. No matter what you need, we do our best to be as supportive, flexible and helpful as possible, creating a buying experience you will appreciate and never forget.

The second, softer layer not only offers exceptional comfort but its elasticity also enables the mattress to quickly adopt a new shape as you move in your sleep. Much like the memory foam, it is designed with breathability in mind so it offers support but without too much heat.

This first layer is designed from luxurious memory foam that allows your body to slowly sink in and a comfortable sleeping position. The 4th generation memory foam that is used allows far greater airflow resulting in a cooler and peaceful sleeping experience.

The comfort of the top two layers need to be balanced out with support, and therefore the third layer is created from a high density Reflex foam designed for such a need. This is arguably the most important layer as without this you would not be able to adopt a healthy sleeping position for your body.

This 25% layer of recycled foam, provides the supportive base that’s key in the construction of high quality memory foam mattresses. Processed, deep cleaned and re-bonded, the recycled foam supports our commitment in creating a 100% sustainable future for the mattress industry.

Why get a memory foam mattress?

Because Memory Foam

The Marley Mattress has be specially designed and created to make a mattress that suits everyone, taking the complexities out of the purchasing process often found with traditional high street stores. We have simplified this for our customers by designing one incredibly special mattress.

We have been making memory foam mattresses for over a decade, so no one knows the qualities of a foam mattress quite like us. You will be surprised how effective the Marley Mattress is at alleviating the pressure on joints such as your shoulders, hips and spine, leaving you feeling refreshed after a comfortable nights sleep.

Sleep better, live better

Buying a memory foam mattress can be a life changing event, especially if you struggle with sleep or getting comfortable when in bed, the difference really can be that big. Getting a better nights sleep due to the properties of our Marley Mattress can contribute to how you feel throughout the day.

Memory foam has unique properties that are highly effective at reducing the spread of movement across the mattress, so if you or your partner are having a restless night, it’s less likely you will disrupt each others sleep. Sleep is why you want a new mattress and sleep is why we made the Marley Mattress.

Marley Simplicity

Every mattress you buy throughout your life is an investment in your sleep and health, but that doesn’t mean it has be a complicated or expensive process. We have perfected not only our online buying process but our manufacturing and delivery processes so that every customer has the easiest experience for them.

Choose your delivery date – Next day delivery doesn’t always suit everyone when it comes to buying a mattress, so we offer the opportunity to choose a day that suits you.

Easy payment options – All major debit & credit cards, PayPal.

Our Story

The Marley brand was launched in Autumn 2018 by leading industry experts who have been manufacturing memory foam mattresses in the UK for many years. We are a family run business with family run manufacturing and customer service, based right in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

For more information, please take a closer look at About Us

Being a family run business means even our customer care team is made up of family members who care directly about each and every customer. No matter what you need, we do our best to be as supportive, flexible and helpful as possible, creating a buying experience you will appreciate and never forget.

The Marley mattress comes with a custom designed cover that not only looks the part, but adds another level of comfort and protection for your memory foam mattress. The cover can be easily removed and washed as part of your regular mattress maintenance.

We have been working with foam for many many years, and making memory foam mattresses for over a decade, so we know the best materials inside out and ensure we use them for every product we make. Take a look at what the Marley Mattress is made up of below.


Year Warranty

A decade in the making

There are no gimmicks with a Marley mattress, just pure quality, comfort and affordable pricing. We don’t need expensive machinery to test our products in perfect conditions as we’ve been around long enough for our products to have years of real world use. It’s down to this that we are able to offer our incredible 10 year warranty with all Marley products.

Choose your Marley mattress delivery date

Every Marley memory foam mattress topper can be ordered to suit your own delivery requirements. With free delivery, you can choose the perfect day for delivery to work it around your own schedule. We also have options available for AM Delivery and Saturday Delivery, making every Marley mattress order a pleasure.

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